Progetto XSTONE

2MM FLEXIBLE STONE SLIM veneer with polyester resin backing is semi flexible and can be used on floors, walls, ceilings, interior designs, furniture’s, outdoor areas, Cement plastered flat wall and facades any kind of substrates such as MDF boards, PP honeycombs, doors etc.

1 MM STONE SLIM VENEER with fleece high pressure laminate backing is super flexible and can be used anywhere on furniture, indoor walls, any kind of substrates such as MDF boards, PP honeycombs, doors. This is not suitable for outdoor applications.

3D SELF ADHESIVE WALLING is a remarkable product and very easy to use. You just have to peel off the back and paste the panel on the wall. Using 3D self-adhesive walling provides a three-dimensional quality, creating more attraction and depth to a building.

Interiors: Decor Slim Stone GmbH thin veneer can add texture and variation to kitchen, bedroom and living room, while decorative stone slim veneer gives a rustic or natural vibe to bathrooms because of its natural colours.
Arches/Doors/Windows: An ordinary arch, door or window can be transformed into a stunning architectural feature just by adding some natural stone slim veneer on them. Using Decor Slim Stone GmbH veneer to offset brick window is a growing trend, as is combining different stone slim veneers to give a customized look. Exterior Facades: The NATURAL AURA is being favored by architects, who are incorporating slim veneer into exterior facades as a way to complement the natural scenery around many homes. In some cases, styles the natural stone found in nearby surroundings are used giving the illusion that a piece of the landscape has been incorporated right into the home.
Outdoors: Decor Slim Stone GmbH stone slim veneer walls can be used in gardens and outdoor yards. Their beautiful aesthetics and extreme durability also make them a perfect option for lining driveways and property borders.
Columns/Pillars: The layer of Décor Ultra Flexible stone slim veneer on the columns/pillars of the house gives an attractive and natural look. It can be wrapped easily because of its light weight.
Furniture: As it is available in 1MM ULTRA FLEXIBLE SLIM STONE with fleece backing, it can be used on kitchen cabinets, room cabinets and other home furnitures.

Standard Size 61x122cm 122×244 122×280

Slabs Size 61x122cm 122×244 122×280