Proxima Tendenze Ceramiche.

Gtiles Ceramics, along with its brand “Proxima Ceramic Trends,” aims to satisfy an increasingly demanding and competitive market. We offer Italian design as the ultimate expression of style, and therefore, we strive to showcase it at its best in our productions. We prioritize relationships and manage our customers with professionalism and commercial know-how.

Our product range is designed to provide complete projects and differentiated solutions to meet the most advanced aesthetic and functional needs. Our series focus on aesthetics and quality,
aiming to satisfy and often anticipate market trends.

We believe in improving the environment we live in, thus we have a special focus on environmental protection.
Proxima is internationally recognized as a promoter of Italian ceramic style, with a philosophy based on product and service quality.

By investing in a young and dynamic human capital, Proxima has created an extremely flexible and competitive company.

The company is geared towards an increasingly global economy, with its strengths lying in the concept of production

Your success is our best achievement.